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Carnival Ration the Rasher

Bacon, or Not Two Bacon, that is the question. Here’s a strange piece of news. All Carnival ships in their fleet have been told to cut down on the bacon supplied to their passengers for a week starting August 16th. There is a shortage of this particular product as far as their suppliers are concerned, so the bacon will be rationed (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) so you can only enjoy it every other day.

Bacon. Yummy but not today
Bacon. Yummy but not today

This does not apply to any other bacon products, such as breakfast ham, or sausages. Apparently there is a blip in the porker supply chain, the wholesalers are having problems sourcing on a temporary basis. Quite why Carnival are the main sufferers has not been explained in a short press statement.

Buffet sans bacon
Buffet sans bacon

The shortage only applies for one week, and is applicable in the buffet restaurants, which of course are not self-service, but with staff serving passengers. The conversation could go like this

‘What is today?’


‘Is that a bacon day?’

‘No, they are even days.’

‘So I can have bacon tomorrow.’

‘Yes, but only two rashers.’

‘My wife doesn’t want hers, can I have them instead.’

.No, only two per passenger.’


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